Channeling the Chaos

Wrestling with the Hourglass

725269c69fddaa6786574f563bc089bbWelcome back, writers.  I wrote a bit in the last post about the endless benefits making a small window of reading time during our busy days can bring, but sometimes, I think, writing proves to be an even better release of pent up energy, stress, or frustration.  For me, putting pen to paper with no expectations is total catharsis.  So, rather than accepting the chaos in our fast-paced, American Dream-chasing days as an undeniable obstacle to writing, perhaps a better perspective would be to step back and assess just how lovely our sloppy, sometimes overwhelming lives become in ink.

My forever favorite poet (and brilliant author of bunches of short stories)  is Charles Bukowski, and I cannot think of any better example of a writer more talented in transcribing turmoil into beauty.  For the vast majority of his years, Bukowski wrote unapologetically of his own downtrodden, raunchy sort of urban lifestyle, far from portraying himself as the hero of his stories.  He was honest about his misgivings, his marred past, and uncertain future, and for this, he was able to connect with readers on a far deeper level than many poets ever achieve.  If you’re interested in reading up a bit more on Bukowski, take a look here for his bio.


 So in our own struggles against the hourglass that just won’t quit, I think it is vital to take the time to write, not only to write of our personal challenges and faults, but especially to write about those.  Journaling brings with it clarity, and a safe place in which we may wrestle with our demons, who always seem more manageable when put on paper.  Bukowski channeled chaos like this.  How will you write the story of your life? 


This summer, I challenge you to return from your strife-filled lives, from your bright moments, or your dull ones, and put them in your journals.  If you need a bit of help filling up your blank pages, look here for some starters.  And as for helping the young ones in your life to begin strong writing habits early on, send them to TT Patton this summer to take part in one of our writing camps!

Hope your weekend is filled with writing,



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