On Coming Home, and Rising Up

Rising Like Air

I’m back!  For the second summer in a row, I am proud to call myself TT Patton’s Creative Writing Specialist, and be downtown Barrington planning and instructing six weeks worth of summer camps!  This year has proved a challenging one, so I’m channeling my inner Maya Angelou, reminding myself, “Still, like air, I rise.”

As I try to infuse imagination and bright new energy into the Writer’s Room, and our Wise Words door, I realize the turbulence of the past year makes finding myself nestling back  into the writing world all the more refreshing, uplifting.  Lately, I’ve been neglecting my more creative side in exchange for composing academic articles and cramming for finals, but I’m still coming off a writer’s high from receiving word about my first published poem.  Ready to dive in headfirst, I’m grasping at my childhood memories, of what words meant to me ten years ago, in order to put together the most engaging, exciting, and expressive activities for our campers this year!  Transitioning from university life back into the lives of 3rd through 8th graders may seem simple, but the tough part is, it’s getting back to simplicity that’s the hardest to do.  It’s time to rise and write!


Our young poets, authors, screenplay writers, and story tellers will be spending this summers finding simplicity in their senses, the goings-on of their surroundings, and in the written word itself, rising up to harness their most innovative potential.  Sound like something someone you know would enjoy? Send them to join us for one of our newly-expanded creative writing or screenplay camps for grades 3-8!

Happy writing,