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Screenplay Camp: Officially A Wrap

Cindy's fake cry during the production of
Cindy’s fake cry during the production of “Bearhood,” was just about spot-on.

TT Patton hit the stage with our 4th and 5th grade screenplay writing camp last week, and the reviews are in!  It was the screenplay of the summer.  “Bearhood,” an entirely student-written screenplay, combining genre techniques from fantasy and comedy, brought out the best of our campers–our screenplay writers watched (The Wizard of Oz), wrote (their very own professionally-formatted script), and worked their tails off (to perform their screenplay aloud, props, costumes, and all).

TT Patton would like to give a special thanks to the beautiful, historic Catlow Theatre downtown Barrington for allowing our budding screenplay writers to use their space, and also eat their popcorn!

Thanks, Catlow!
Thanks, Catlow!

Our writers dove headfirst into the performance scene at the very end of the week–getting into character was a breeze after they’d spent four days developing and shaping the plot lines and character traits for “Bearhood,” and the finished products, both the formal script and the fun performance, were amazingly well-done.  Improv games, writing exercises, and screenplay work in the park made for an enriching week, and one that our students voted “even more fun than creative writing.”

It’s our last week of camps, so stay tuned for updates on our 6th and 7th grade creative writing program, and thanks for writing with us!

Your friendly neighborhood Creative Writing Specialist,


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