Summer Reads

Have the Summer Blues?

Well, so do I.  After finding this image, I was floored by the number of Americans who put down one book at some point in their lives, and never picked one up again.  unnamedFor me, summer time is reading time–books by the pool, books on the front lawn, or books in airports on the way to some sunny destination.  I know, I know, we’re busy–busy with work, kids, commutes, and miscellaneous obligations, but squeezing in half an hour, maybe an hour of “me-time” with a good read brings countless  benefits, like stronger analytical thinking skills and stress reduction.  Check out more healthy life-perks associated with reading on the regular here.

 I once had a professor walk into my small poetry class in utter distress after a prospective English major came to my university for a visit and claimed, “Oh, I’m a writer.  But I don’t like to read.  I really don’t read.”  Any writer worth his or her weight in ink is a reader, no doubt about it.  The library, or the book store, is where we find inspiration, whole other worlds, role models.  It’s where we fall in love with characters we want in our lives, our poetry, our novellas.

 So, to all my female friends out there,  if your summer library is looking sparse, consider bulking it up with some of these recent classics every woman should read.  Or take a peek at this list for a more general collection of fresh 2015 summer reads.  And if you’re short on quiet-time around the house, send your young readers and writers to spend a little time with us at TT Patton to have a blast and practice their creative writing, screenplay writing, or short stories skills for a week at one of our summer programs.  

May your pages flip smoothly, and  your library stay stocked,                                  



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