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Employee Gifts: Good for the Employee and Your Business

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, “Staff turnover is one of the most non-productive business expenses” (White, 2014). But today, more than ever in our recent history, employees are doing more with fewer resources and balancing other life expenses. This creates the perfect storm for stressed out workers who may start to look elsewhere for a new job. The market is starting to pick up in some industries and good employees are one of a company’s greatest assets.

So how do you keep your employees happy even under the above conditions? Expressing appreciation is crucial to employee and team morale, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot. Cash isn’t always the answer, especially during special team retreats or for project milestones. A special gift valued at $50 or $100 can be the perfect solution. The most important element is ensuring it’s personalized and of good quality.


Graphic Image Leather Passports and Luggage Tags

Have a team that travels a lot? For under $100 you can order a calfskin leather passport and luggage tag set by Graphic Image with an engraved monogram, in a color of your choice, which arrives in a beautiful cloth bag and box. For under $50 you can order an executive assistant a set of personalized, raised ink stationery with their name or initials in script, with different font and color choices. Whatever you order, we’ll even wrap it for you!

Apart from making you and your employee feel great, you get a return on your investment. Appreciation leads to an uptick in productivity. Forbes reports “the recognition further perpetuates their desire to go above and beyond for your clients” (Conner, 2014). Employee gifts are a win-win, and who doesn’t want that for their business?

by Soula Siegfried
Master’s degree candidate in Literature and Professional Writing
Northern Illinois University



Bespoke: Men’s wear and stationery

I like to chat with the men at Phillips Men’s Wear.  They’ve been in the retail business awhile and I find I learn something from them every time we’re in discussion.  A few weeks ago during our “download”, I mentioned Bell’Invito, a line of Bespoke stationery  that we are featuring this month.  We digressed to research the word “bespoke” and realized it is used in both of our industries.  Bespoke is a British English term which means “made to the buyer’s specification”.  If you didn’t know, Phillips makes custom suits for clients, or bespoke suits.  And of course you know TT Patton makes bespoke stationery also made to our client’s specification.

So it seems to me, if you have bespoke suits, shouldn’t you also have bespoke stationery?  You get to pick your paper size, the shade and texture of the paper, the ink color and even higher quality printing, like letterpress or engraved.  You can even select a liner for your envelopes that match suits you have in your closet.

Oh, just think about it.

And, we’ll talk about that pen you carry into the board room later…

TT Patton’s Going Corporate

A couple of years ago one of my clients purchased 30 leather journals for her board meeting and we personalized each cover with the member’s name and tenure.  They were so well received she returned and purchased 30 designer pens all in different designs, for last year’s board meeting.  I can’t wait to see what we come up with for this year’s board meeting.

Boy will she be surprised when she meets our new Corporate Sales Director, Angela.  With over 10 years of experience sourcing couture and luxury corporate gifts, she’s well suited to meet the demands of our existing and future corporate clients.

To get ready for the corporate buying season, we’re expanding our inventory of creative gifts, selected with executives in mind.  Not just portfolios and memo pads, but personalized leather goods and stationery, designer fountain pens, watch and pen cases made of fine woods, holiday greeting cards, and much more. We want to dress the executive suite and small business entrepreneurs with business writing accessories that they are proud to display but feel comfortable using.

Our expanded client base will not just be purchasing departments and large institutions.  Our “new clients” probably already know about TT Patton for fine products and writing programs.

For example, meet one our corporate clients, Jesse M. Patton, Jr., Esq. 

He’s a big fan of TT Patton’s student writing programs and we’re his first stop after work when he’s looking for a gift for a colleague or friend. His latest gift was a leather-bound, pocket-sized version of the The United States Constitution with gold gilded pages.  He knew it would be a big hit because he has one himself, personalized with his initials of course.

I hope our new corporate focus will give you another reason why TT Patton should be high on your list of 365 Things to Do in and Around Barrington!