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Welcome Katie!

Join us in welcoming Katie Walker to our TTP team! We are really excited to have her working with us this summer, as our Creative Writing Specialist, for the summer writing camp “Write Under the Stairs.” 20150519_101003 Katie hails from Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri, where she is studying Philosophy and English, with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys traveling and spent the Christmas holiday last year in Southern Chile.  In addition to creative writing, she also loves to attend poetry readings. Her favorite author is Bukowski. She is a native Illinois girl at heart, who enjoys spending time with her parents, younger sister, grandparents and two chocolate labs! Looking forward to her warm spirit, diverse languages, and confident way of instructing and leading youth group sessions, all while having fun. You can find Katie blogging here as she writes with us this summer.




We are busy preparing for our 7th summer of summer writing camps for students grades 4th – 7th.  Last year our Screenplay Writing track was such a success with performances held at The Catlow that we are bringing it back this year.  We’ve also extended each class by one hour to give students a little more writing time.  Each class is now 3 hours.   Please join our mailing list so you don’t miss the registration period.  Read through the class summaries and then take a look at the class schedule.  Ready to select now?  REGISTRATION NOW OPEN!

What happens in summer camp?

Hear what our kids have to say about the summer writing camps at TT Patton.


“…you are so hassom Love Mallory”

Kush with letterMy friend posted this picture of her son reading an invitation from a girl at his new grade school. No evite or paperlesspost for this little girl.

KushCoverAnd it’s no frills.  Just a piece of blank paper, no lines, folded in fours.  It appears to be written in ink vs pencil, but I could be wrong.  The outside says “to: Kush” and “Love: Mallory”.  Nice use of the colons, but lets just skip past the ol’ generic “From”…I mean it is a personal note.

KushLetterWhen you unfold the note there is personal, handwritten invitation.  It reads ” Kush you are invittid [invited] to my bhrithday [birthday]” followed by her address.  Short and sweet.  And the copy is not just randomly placed, but centered on the page. This invitation is well thought out by this young lady.

But what makes this invitation even more personal is the use of a sticky note placed inside.  It reads ” Kush you are so hassom [handsome] Love Mallory.”

No need to beat around the bush here!  Translated: “Kush, you’re cute and I want to celebrate my birthday with you.”  Lesson for girls: don’t be shy…you have to ask for what you want.  Sure a handwritten note is a nice touch….we already know that.  But sprinkle the word “love” around and add a little flattery, now that will really get someone’s attention.

Not sure how many of these notes were written or if anyone else was invited.  It appears to be an open invitation as there is no date for what is assumed to be a birthday party.  But then again, she never said it was a party…just her birthday. 😉