Henceforward shall be free – a Forever stamp

I’m a Month of Letters participant. I’m African-American.  And it’s African-American History Month.  So it’s only fitting that I mail my letters this month with the Emancipation Proclamation stamp issued by the USPS. In some ways we’ve come a long way from 1863 when Lincoln declared slaves “henceforward shall be free”.  It was a promise. … Read More Henceforward shall be free – a Forever stamp

USPS Bail Out

This week, collectively our clients picked up over 1200 holiday cards and over 30 boxes of personal stationery to give as gifts.  So now will you stop asking…”do people still write?”  Here at TT Patton we are doing our share to “bail out” the USPS.  Why?  Because not only do we need this American institution,… Read More USPS Bail Out