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Let us help you with that (anniversary gifts!)

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and that may mean it’s your anniversary, too. If you’re scratching your head of what to get your spouse, let us help you with that. Let us make it easy by following these traditional gifts by year of anniversary. See the whole list here.

Year 1, Paper: Arguably one of the most important anniversaries, there are boundless options for paper. We love the idea of getting your spouse a set of personalized stationery by Bell’Invito (whether a name change is in order or not). This also makes a great gift from parents to the new couple.


Year 3, Leather: By year three, you’ve made some wonderful memories as a couple, perhaps purchasing a home, getting a pet, or even adding to your family in other ways. Capture these moments in a leather-bound photo album or leather journal by Graphic Image to keep those happy times preserved.

Year 7, Wool: If you’re in need of a reminder to celebrate with your spouse, check out our merino wool wine carriers from Graf and Lantz and fill it with a bottle of champagne or a nice wine.  For non-drinkers, we have messenger bags and pouches for technology devices.


Year 14, Animals: Why not surprise your better half with a decorative, decoupage piece from John Derian? With various retro patterns which include horses, dogs, and cats, your animal-loving wife or husband is sure to love it.

Year 25, Silver: This is a special year, requiring a special gift.  Cross and Faber-Castell use silver in their fine writing utensils.  What gift can be more special and practical than a pen?

Year 50, Gold: This is a big, no, the biggest one. The best of the best. Hopefully you’re having a party, and hopefully there will be a thoughtfully wrapped, 14 carat gold nib fountain pen from Namiki in a box for your sweetheart.

Whatever anniversary year it is, remembering a hand-written card is always stylish, personal, and unique. Stop by so we can help you make that one day a year special every time.


we’re writing letters with 4th graders today

Today, I’m invited to Mr. Wager’s 4th grade class at Grove Elementary School.  It’s their annual Valentine’s Day party, but I’m going to do a little something different with them today.  Hopefully the students are deep into their school day and this won’t be a spoiler for the party.  We’ll chat about all sorts of fun things related to Valentine’s Day, but we will also write letters and practice using fountain pens.

In a survey sent to the students earlier this week, many wanted to know if letter writing was still important in the internet age.  I was happy to see this video on The TODAY show this morning…which I think answers this question of most people today.

George and Barbara Bush Love Letters Revealed on the TODAY Show.  Jenna Bush Hager interviews her grandparents to understand how important letters were to them.

…I’m just gonna write it!

I’m so proud of my male clients this year.  They didn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to come flying in looking for the “perfect card” for their sweetheart.  Actually a few of them didn’t really want to get a traditional “Valentine’s Day” card.  They wanted very plain (but nice) paper with matching envelopes. “This year I’m just gonna write it!”, said one of my clients.  “No hearts,  no cupids and maybe not even a card.”

Graphic Image Leather Journal, $60, Leather Jotter, $40, Leather Business Card Case, $40. Pineider Capri Stationery, $120. Visconti Fountain Pen, $145. Pilot Japanese Ink, $39. Dempsey and Carroll Engraved Calendar, $125.  Constance Kay Greeting Cards, starting at $9. Just Write, by Molly O’Shaughnessy, $12.95.

He said my window display gave him an idea of what to get his wife this year.   He bought the leather Graphic Image journal in red and a bottle of Private Reserve Ink in Dakota Red for his fountain pen.  He said he plans to write on the first 14 pages (get it?) and then leave the journal on her night stand.  How creative, thoughtful and flat-out romantic.

So no need to work yourself up trying to search for the perfect card.  Almost every card in TT Patton is blank inside so you write what YOU feel.   Mmmmm, I think I might take these hints from my male clients this year for my sweetheart.  I’m just gonna write it!  But, shhhhh don’t tell my husband….he thinks he’s getting a motorcycle! 😉