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Relationships Require Effort

I had breakfast with a young man before Christmas and he mentioned that he was waiting for “a relationship to come along that was no maintenance.”  Did I mention he’s single?  My response to him was “…yeah, good luck with that!”  I don’t know anything that is NO maintenance.  Especially relationships.  What I’ve learned so far in almost 23 years of marriage is compromise and building a relationship (is that maintenance?) is not an endpoint…it’s a process.

Relationships require an effort.  And at TT Patton I try to put in the effort necessary to build relationships with my clients; especially new brides and grooms.  I love to hear their stories of falling love, how they met Mr. or Miss Right, how they told their parents.  It’s the beginnings of relationships (inter-family) that will grow for years to come.

photoSo if you’re just engaged and out and about looking for wedding invitations you may not see bridal books lined against the walls at TT Patton.  They’re tucked away in a small cabinet or swatches are hidden in beautiful boxes.

photoI don’t want you flipping through pages searching for that “perfect” invitation.  I want to understand what you need, what you want to create.  I want to build a relationship with you to start your journey to one of the most memorable days of your life.  And we all know the invitation is the first experience your guests will have with your wedding day.

So have a seat.  Take off your coat.  Mom, relax.  First let’s get to know each other.  Then…maybe…when you’re ready…I’ll show you some beautiful samples.  Or maybe we’ll get adventurous and start with a blank sheet of paper and create something just for you.

Dude may have called it maintenance….I call it the start of a new relationship. But what do I know….I’m just a married ol’ lady and he’s…well…..just… young.


“No, I’m the groom…”

This morning, a young man walked in the shop looking for a wedding gift.  It’s common, men shop too.  He was rather reserved, looked a little lost, or maybe just very serious.  He mentioned he had never been in the shop before and just wanted to look around.   He also warned me that it might take a while for him to make a decision.  I thought, he’s buying for pretty special people, so I’ll let him be.  He asked a few questions along the way, but for the most part he was content with just piddling around.

Then he lingered and was very focused on a few journals.  I was pleased, because they just arrived this week.  They are very rugged, kinda Americana looking, reminds me of the northwest where they are made.  So I had to interrupt his solace and tell him they were handmade in Utah with vegetable dyed leather, and hand cut papers.  They have even made appearances in Harry Potter and other Hollywood movies. Continue reading

…well, simply elegant.

I don’t recall going to a bridal show over 20 years ago when I was preparing for my wedding day.  I’m sure there were some, but I just didn’t know about them. I ran around to every bridal shop, stationery store and banquet hall based on referrals.  There was no internet back then to ease the searching.  It was quite a stressful time to say the least.

But if you’re right in the thick of planning your wedding, know someone who is, or just want to get a head start in case you meet Mr/Miss Right next week, you need to get ready for the 1st annual 60010 Barrington Bridal Connection Show.  I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now.  It’s Saturday, January 22nd from 12pm until 4pm at the Ice House Mall. So what makes this show different from bridal shows hosted by Chicago Social Brides and Windy City Weddings for example?  It features some pretty great local shops, right here in Barrington.  Even though TT Patton is located only a few blocks away from our host location, we will be there with fine papers for all of your wedding stationery needs.   And we’ll be in good company with over 50 other vendors representing everything from flowers to food.  So I hope to see you there.  Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll show from bell’INVITO; classic look, with added color, letterpress and engraved….well, simply elegant.

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