The Transformative Powers of Poetry

The Day My Campers Asked to Write Poetry:

“Realize precious,
Realize your gifts now.
You are blessed with good.”

Cindy Yang, Grade 4

“Blows the cloud to stars                                                                                 
Overlook the sun and moon
Honestly a gift from space”

-Olivia Paik, Grade 5

Poetry is my passion.  I write it, I read it, I attend slam nights whenever I can, yet imparting the deep joy I take away from a powerful volume of poetry onto 4th and 5th grade writers struck me as particularly daunting when I arrived as TT Patton’s Creative Writing Specialist three months ago.  Now, it’s paid off.  Two of my screenplay campers scrambled through the doors last Tuesday morning and upon cracking open their journals, asked, “Miss Katie, can we write haikus?”  I’d taught the two girls the haiku structure (3 lines–the first with 5 syllables, the second with 7, and the third with 5) in their creative writing camps earlier in the summer, and they not only remembered it, but they liked it!  So much so, that in the midst of work on our screenplay, we spent 15 minutes composing a series of haikus together.  I suppose it’s taken me an entire summer to figure out what this is all about.  Our Write Under the Stairs summer programs are the two poems above which my impressive young writers asked me if they could put together and not the other way around.

This week, our creative writing students demonstrated just how transformative a well-written poem is, and worked their writing in as part of a multimedia art project.  From blank canvasses to concrete poems, the process was one brimming with giggles, bright rhyme schemes, and cupcakes, of all things.  TT Patton’s student words were painted into books, basketballs, and sweet treats that showcased just how talented each of them truly is.

As it turns out, TT Patton hosts both writers AND artists worthy of praise!

Know a student who might like to showcase his or her knack for wordplay and creativity?  Send them to come and join us for our ONE LAST SESSION of creative writing camp next Monday, at a special, discounted camp tuition!

Pleasure writing with you,



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