The Wild World of the Written Word

Halfway There

We’ve just wrapped up our halfway point for TT Patton’s summer programs, and our second creative writing week of the season went out with a bang!  Presenting a finalized copy of their work in front of friends and family, our six impressive young writers wowed their crowd.  I’ve never been prouder of a group than I was of my girls this week, all of whom stood to brave a group of adults and read their short stories and poetry, one of whom missed the majority of camp due to illness, and had the confidence to present her prologue regardless.  Now that I’ve finished a spoken applause for our fabulous TT Patton kids, here’s what’s been happening in Write Under the Stairs: 

Check out those smiles-- and those handwritten letters!
Check out those smiles– and those handwritten letters!

Letters.  And lots of.  Our group learned the meaning and use of the “P.S.,” the proper formatting for envelope addressing and formal letters, and took a field trip to our local post office to send a handwritten letter to a close friend, cousin, teacher, or grandparent.  We shipped out our custom stationery from Embossed Graphics across Illinois and to homes as far as Florida.  Have you or your young writer sent a letter lately?  Stop in and design some stationery with us or pick out some of our in-box letters and envelopes to get writing today!

Lizzie read her short fantasy featuring mermaid tails and magic blood for nearly 20 impressed listeners!
Lizzie read her short fantasy featuring mermaid tails and magic blood for nearly 20 impressed listeners!

Friday’s Spoken Word showcase paid homage to old-school literature recitation and modern slam poetry all in one.  If you weren’t here, you missed out on the fantasy fiction, inspiring short poetry, scifi, and realistic fiction of some really bright, blossoming writers.  Our authors certainly tapped into their wells of confidence, diligence, and creative energy for this one, and I’m sure our 4th and 5th grade screenplay writers next week will do the same!  Sign your student writers up to join us for one of our last two summer programs–screenplay or creative writing–and watch them break out of their shells and into the wild world of the written word.  





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