Writing Corner

Check out the Writing Corner each week for a TT Patton series written by me, Katie Walker, about all things related to your pen and paper.

Look for my most recent posts here, which will include interesting articles, images, and tips and tricks for your summer reading and writing. Let us know if you would like me to write on specific topics in the comments below!

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Shorter, Sweeter, Better.


People and Their Pens 

TT Patton’s Tips on Keeping Your Fountain Pen in Tip Top Shape

Beauty Behind the Bullet

Writing Rain

The Art of Anarchy

Kids’ Writing Kickoff 

On Coming Home, and Rising Up

Bittersweet Goodbyes

The Transformative Powers of Poetry 

Ready? Action!

Sidewalk Days of Summer

The Wild World of the Written Word

Back At It

The Lost Art of the Letter

Lesson Plans and Poetry Slams

And So It Begins…

The Countdown

Places, Spaces, and Kids Who Write

Channeling the Chaos

Summer Reads 

Writing Young






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