Back to School is for Everyone

20140813_153831 (2)“Pen, wax and parchment govern the world.” -Benjamin Franklin

As a kid I couldn’t wait for the school classroom lists to be posted before the beginning of the school year. My mom, my sisters, and I would walk to the elementary school where pieces of paper hung on the brick wall outside. They revealed the names of which students were in what class. Chatter would ensue about whose friends (or enemies) were in my class, whether the teacher I got was one my sisters liked, or vice versa, and then, the best part: the list of school supplies.

The excitement of purchasing new markers, binders, notebooks, and erasers was second only to Christmas. I couldn’t wait to label all my folders, organize my pencil box, and write my name on everything. My backpack would be filled with the new supplies the night before school started, perhaps even a new lunch bag by its side.

The thrill of school supply shopping continued through college when I would stop at the bookstore for all of my classes’ required texts, and maybe buy a fun pen. Even at my first “real job” I was able to pick out new desk accessories, ranging from neon post-it notes to a pencil holder. Now that I’m back in graduate school, the excitement has shifted to getting a new school planner to fill in due dates for my students and my own classes.

IMG_20140806_213501Once I graduate next spring and I’m back in the workplace, I will again envy those students who have their back-to-school lists in hand, making their trip to the school supply aisle. But why should we let students have all the fun? Why not make your own trip to refresh your stock of stationery and pens? This year I ordered my first set of (truly) personal stationery from TT Patton and couldn’t be happier with the results (pictured here). Maybe the excitement doesn’t have to end at students and teachers; maybe it’s time you made your own list of supplies to get into the back-to-school spirit. I know a fresh set of paper and pens is just what I needed.


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