A Month of Letters Challenge

Dear TT Patton clients,

Sincerely, TTP


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10 years of TT Patton

It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years. 10 years? I remember the day like it was yesterday. The space was remodeled, the product unpacked and displayed, the Christmas tree had lights and yep… it was time to open. So we simply took the paper off the window and voila! We were open for business. My very first customer was Mr. Gunderson, Julie Gunderson’s dad. I’ll never forget his wonderful demeanor when the register didn’t work and he came back much later to pick up his Christmas cards.

Our shingle in The Ice House Mall

Our shingle in The Ice House Mall

I was working full-time in the pharmaceutical industry, but always wanted to be around fine paper and journals in my spare time. I had enough stationery and journals collected over the years to open a shop in my home. So I looked around to find a spot where I lived, in Barrington.

A lot has happened over the past 10 years…we’ve moved to Station Street, there’s twitter and instagram and Facebook and Small Business Saturday… back then it was all word of mouth and magazine advertising and it still is. I have some of my same original product lines like Graphic Image and I’ve acquired many new great lines over the years like The Printery. We’ve expanded the pen category and boy what a fun place the store became after attracting all the pen enthusiasts in the area. We’ve added writing classes for students in the summer and many other events like calligraphy classes and book signings. We’re kind of a full service stationery shop.

But the store is not just a stationery shop with “stuff”. It’s a destination for people who are passionate about the way life used to be…simple…when you wrote letters to people to stay in touch, when you kept your photos under plastic to preserve them, when you dipped your pen nib in ink to create your own personal signature to every word. That’s why I opened the shop. To have a place where people could come and share why they need a gift and then how the person felt when they opened it. I wanted to be a staple in the community and to attract others to our wonderful town. Mostly I wanted to be around people who love what I love.

So it goes without saying I have some wonderful clients. They bring in their parents and children and grandchildren. I know what ink colors they love most and the type of paper they like to write on. I know gifts they buy for friends and family and the time they take with those selections. I know how many Christmas cards they order every year and what to tell their family they want for Christmas. But loyalty is not taken for granted and I’m grateful this Thanksgiving season for my clients.

But what makes TT Patton so special are the many faces that have helped make the store special. Jean, Norma, Angela, Molly, Bittany, Elsa, Soula, Katie and Deb. Over the years you’ve made and continue to make the shopping experience for our customers worth returning. And for that I am also grateful this Thanksgiving season.

So what does the future hold for TT Patton…more great products and a promise of outstanding customer service. So continue to shop small and support your local retailers. Happy Birthday TT Patton.

Welcome Katie!

Join us in welcoming Katie Walker to our TTP team! We are really excited to have her working with us this summer, as our Creative Writing Specialist, for the summer writing camp “Write Under the Stairs.” 20150519_101003 Katie hails from Truman State University, Kirksville, Missouri, where she is studying Philosophy and English, with a minor in Spanish. She enjoys traveling and spent the Christmas holiday last year in Southern Chile.  In addition to creative writing, she also loves to attend poetry readings. Her favorite author is Bukowski. She is a native Illinois girl at heart, who enjoys spending time with her parents, younger sister, grandparents and two chocolate labs! Looking forward to her warm spirit, diverse languages, and confident way of instructing and leading youth group sessions, all while having fun. You can find Katie blogging here as she writes with us this summer.