Spring Break Madness

There are several ways you know it’s Spring.

handpainted flower1.   The streets are free of school buses. Only trains to deal with now.

2.  The sun is shining a little brighter and a little longer.  Thank you Daylight Saving Time (DST).

3.  Many are posting photos on Facebook from their spring break vacation spots.  Nope…we are not jealous, we know exactly where our luggage is located.

And 4.  It’s March Madness!  The best couple of weeks of sports, next to football playoff season (da Bears!) and less complicated to figure out who plays who.  But times have changed.  Now you can log on to many sport sites to play electronically in groups.  I’m playing on ESPN Tournament Challenge and joined the Jimmy Kimmel group.  I receive text messages all day long with score updates, random stats and really ANYTHING related to March Madness!

But there is no substitute for printing out the “brackets”, ordering a pizza and curling up to cheer on a random group of teenagers playing their hearts out to get to the next round!  Yep, it’s win or go home.

RETRO 51 PENSBut if you’re traveling over the next couple weeks, think of TT Patton and at least pick up a pen…

…to write a postcard to your friends and family to share your vacation.
…or to capture the memories of your travels in your journal.

If you’re still in the neighborhood, use your pen to make that check mark next to the winning college team on your brackets, or to cross off the team that didn’t quite make the cut.  It’s all about upsets and Cinderella teams.

Blowing Up Brackets

Or you can just stop by TT Patton so we can wish you a Happy Spring!

10 Symptoms of STYNNS

I know you are stressed.  So many people to write on National Send a Handwritten Letter Day.  Relax.  Just make yourself a beverage (coffee, tea or a cocktail will do), pull up a chair to your favorite desk, dig out that address book and then decide which stationery you’d like to use.  photo

What?  You can’t seem to find your stationery?  Mmmmmm…  Seems like the 1st symptom of  Signs That You Need New Stationery (STYNNS).

Here are the 9 other symptoms of STYNNS

2. You mail notes written on spiral notebook paper

3. You reuse the envelopes sent with your bills

4. The return address is no longer your address

5. The name on your personalized cards is no longer your name

6. The paper color no longer matches the envelope color

7. The envelopes are pre-stamped with 29¢ stamps

8. The envelope size is too small for your note cards

9. You can find a card OR an envelope

But the biggest sign is….

10. The stationery you found doesn’t represent the 2014 you!

But don’t be shy.  Go ahead and send me what you have on National Send a Handwritten Letter Day.  If it’s postmarked January 17, 2014, I’ll send you a surprise in the mail.

Have fun writing.  It helps to keep the post office open!  Won’t you help?

Relationships Require Effort

I had breakfast with a young man before Christmas and he mentioned that he was waiting for “a relationship to come along that was no maintenance.”  Did I mention he’s single?  My response to him was “…yeah, good luck with that!”  I don’t know anything that is NO maintenance.  Especially relationships.  What I’ve learned so far in almost 23 years of marriage is compromise and building a relationship (is that maintenance?) is not an endpoint…it’s a process.

Relationships require an effort.  And at TT Patton I try to put in the effort necessary to build relationships with my clients; especially new brides and grooms.  I love to hear their stories of falling love, how they met Mr. or Miss Right, how they told their parents.  It’s the beginnings of relationships (inter-family) that will grow for years to come.

photoSo if you’re just engaged and out and about looking for wedding invitations you may not see bridal books lined against the walls at TT Patton.  They’re tucked away in a small cabinet or swatches are hidden in beautiful boxes.

photoI don’t want you flipping through pages searching for that “perfect” invitation.  I want to understand what you need, what you want to create.  I want to build a relationship with you to start your journey to one of the most memorable days of your life.  And we all know the invitation is the first experience your guests will have with your wedding day.

So have a seat.  Take off your coat.  Mom, relax.  First let’s get to know each other.  Then…maybe…when you’re ready…I’ll show you some beautiful samples.  Or maybe we’ll get adventurous and start with a blank sheet of paper and create something just for you.

Dude may have called it maintenance….I call it the start of a new relationship. But what do I know….I’m just a married ol’ lady and he’s…well…..just… young.